L2: Lets Start at the Very Beginning

One of the first things that’s asked of a newly engaged couple is “So, how did you two meet?” OK OK, its probably the third or forth thing asked after “So, when’s the date” and “What are your colors?”

But since you can’t get to marriage without meeting, I figured I’d start there. Some would say we had a “meet cute.” We’ll see what you think.

It was May 2010 and I was a few months out of a pretty terrible relationship. I don’t want to bring this post down, seeing as its meant to be a happy one…but lets just say there was not ONE person in my life that wasn’t thrilled to see me leave that guy. So anywho, my friend Jodi was having a birthday, and I was determined to go out and have fun. I met Jodi at work, along with my friend Jess. It was a pretty instant connection between the three of us. I guess that happens when you get a ball thrown into your head in front of strangers – but that’s a story for another day.

So, I met up with Jodi and Jess and the girls who would fast become a solid group of friends, to get ready to head out bowling for Jodi’s birthday.

Getting ready to head out - somehow, Jodi didn't make it into this pic?!?!

As a side note, it should be stated that this night will forever hold a special place in my heart, as this was the night I not only first met my husband, but the night I truly felt God answer my prayers for a group of friends, little did I know he’d be answering my prayers for a husband as well.

After a little bit of getting to know you, some embarrassing parental meetings, and quite a bit of pre-gamming, it was time to head to the bowling alley.

This is where I should mention, when we got to East Providence Lanes, Dave and his GIRLFRIEND were there waiting.  Yup, my future hubby to be was taken!  Now, before any of you start to get any ideas, I did not have anything to do with their breakup.  At least not consciously, for neither Dave nor myself.  Things between her and him fell apart all on her own crazy.  I didn’t even know they had broken up until Jess mentioned it to me a few days before Dave’s birthday.

After a fun night bowling, Dave and I said our hello’s and goodbye’s to each other, and that was it.  I MAY have given him a hug, in a Bud Light induced bravery, but that was as far as it went.  I remember thinking I loved his hat.  I hadn’t seen anyone wear the newsie hat before, and if you knew me at Carson-Newman, you know at one point I was OBSESSED with the movie theNewsies and therefore, this hat, well, it just tugged at my heart strings.

A few weeks later I got a Facebook invite from Dave, it was sent to “the group” for his birthday.  They were going to be going to a comedy club, and I was just thrilled to be on the invite.  If you’ve never moved away from all your friends, you may not understand what I was feeling at that very moment (They like me ma….they really really like me!!).  But finally after three years of being essentially alone, I was a part of a group.  A real group of friends, with weddings, and birthdays, and celebrations to attend.  It was surreal.  SO I immediately responded that I was in!  Of course.  Even if it meant I would have to drive a few extra miles to get there.  It was worth it.

As the date drew near, I got the opportunity of a life time (for a transplanted Boston girl that is)…I’ll give you a hint:

BOX Seats at Fenway Park!!

This is getting into WAY too long territory, so I’ll end it here for now…

Any of you have a meet cute of your own?  Share!!


7 thoughts on “L2: Lets Start at the Very Beginning

  1. Reason number 583 you’re my friend: Obsession with Newsies. I actually immediately am attracted to any guy wearing those hats. Its really annoying because of a certain bad relationship of my own that you know all about. I also own one a couple of those hats of my own. I’m a little special 🙂 Love this, BTW. I seriously hope you continue this blogging endeavor.

    • OMG, I had no clue you were obsessed as well! We MUST watch it together!! I f’n LOVE it!!

      Thanks for your support in the blog! Hope you keep reading, and commenting!! xoxo

  2. Aw, I remember you popping by my desk all aglow because you had g-chatted withy Dave. So happy you’re in my life & that our dear friend Dave was smart enough to marry you! 😉 xoxoxo

  3. glad you are my sister-in-law…and so glad you said yes to Dave!!!

    I met my husband of almost 13 years at a party. But the night before I was at the old LaSalette fair (when it was in the back and fun) he walked by me in a leather biker jacket and hair past his shoulders (yes past his shoulders). I made my friend Brenda walk around for 2 hours to see him again. for those of you who remember the fair…it wasn’t really big….and just for the record i was never going to talk to him…then the next day I went to a party and Ron pulled into the driveway…I said to him..:were you at LaSalette last night…he said yes and the rest is history…we met almost 22 years ago!!!

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