L2: Playing Hard-To-Get – I guess…

When we last left off I was heading off to the famous Fenway Park!!  In my old job, I was fortunate enough to get some perks from vendors, and this just happened to be one of those perks.  Who wouldn’t like going to Fenway, sitting in a box seat, eating all the pizza, Fenway Franks, and drinks you wanted??  Plus, how could you pass up seeing a game from this view:

Well, I couldn’t.  So I sent Dave a message explaining that I knew he had already purchased my ticket, but I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it.  I explained the situation, to which he replied “if I had that chance, I’d bail on my birthday too!”

From that moment on we began emailing, and chatting.  At first it was every now and then, but it quickly became a daily routine.  A little flirting, a little getting to know you, and a TON of sarcasm.  Um, yeah, hello, have you met us?!?  Eventually, Dave FINALLY asked for my phone number.  I can still remember sitting at my desk reading that IM.  I had butterflies as I typed out that 10 digit number, and couldn’t really figure out why.  It’s just a friend, asking for your number…whats the big deal chief?  Shake it off!  Little did I know, I had nothing to be nervous of, the dang guy didn’t even text for the next TWO WEEKS!

For any gentleman that may be reading this blog…here’s a tip – IF you ask for the number…USE the number.  I remember thinking, is this guy EVER going to call?!  I had gone to Atlanta for work, and was having a pretty stressful trip.  Add on top of that the sinus infection that decided to attack me that week and the certification test that I had to take, and you have a recipe for one cranky Brittney.  So, of course Murphy (you know, of Murphy’s Law) told Dave to text me then!

You may now be asking – so what, whats the big deal Britt?  Text is just like IM.  And to that I say touche!  You are correct…but there was something more personal about it being on the phone rather than over the computer.  I know it sounds so bizarre – heck, even I think it sounds bizarre, and I’m the one typing it.  But knowing that he had to have my permission (via my giving him my number) to contact me on this device, and didn’t necessarily need that for the others made this feel more intimate.

I made my way to dinner that night, phone in hand.  I guess, if we were crazy, we could say that was the first time Dave and I had dinner together.  But I’m not that crazy, so we won’t say that….nope, not at all.  Dave and I texted our whole way through my meal, and he talked about how he wished he could be there to give me a hug and tuck me in for the much-needed rest I obviously needed.  Even then, basically strangers, I was seeing a glimpse of the giant heart Dave has.  It was mentioned during that texting session, that we should really make an effort to see each other in person sometime soon.  But that “in person” meeting wouldn’t happen for another couple of months.

You see, during that time I was doing a TON of traveling for work.  And in just a couple of weeks upon my return from ATL to Boston, I was going to be heading to Orlando for work.  I know, I know, tough life I had then.  I loved that job, I’d go back to it in a heart beat.  But God had other plans I guess.  I did however, on that trip to Orlando get to meet the guy I thought would be my husband for sure:

Aren't we cute together??

Yup, I thought for sure I was meant to be a Wesley!!  But *spoiler alert* it wasn’t in the cards.  😉

So when did we finally get together again?  We’ll get to that next time!

Any of you out there have hopes to marry a Wesley?  No, just me then…  What about a slow and steady start to a relationship you just knew was right?  Chime in!

*All pics personal unless otherwise noted.


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