L2: It’s about time!

After all the dust settled from all of my trips for work, I was finally able to catch my breath and think about this guy I was so excited to be getting to know.  Because I was living north of Boston, and Dave was living south of the city, we decided when we did finally get to get together, it should be somewhere in the middle.  So it was determined that we would meet up at Joe’s American Bar and Grill for dinner after work.

Is this a date?  Is this two friends getting together?  Does he have expectations of where this will lead?  Am I ready for something?  Didn’t I just join e-Harmony?  This is just a sampling of the questions that were running through my head as I left work and headed to Braintree to meet up with Dave.  Up until this point, it had been so comfortable with Dave.  There had been very little pressure.  No comments made to imply that we would ever be anything more than friends.  I had been going out with duds from e-Harmony…boy do I have some stories from that time.  If you have tried on-line dating at all, you know what I mean!  Now, all of a sudden I had all these things to think about.  I think this is when I realized, I REALLY liked this guy.  Like, like-liked this guy.  But did he feel the same?!

So, when I arrived at Joe’s I headed on in, and grabbed a Cosmo to help calm the nerves.  Not knowing whether or not he planned on paying, I went ahead and paid for my drink, trying to avoid the awkward – do I offer to pay, do I expect him to pay – moment when Dave finally arrived.  Keep in mind, at this point, the one and only time we had seen each other in person was that night bowling.  Because of this, I was somewhat surprised when I recognized Dave the minute he walked through the door.  His walk from the door to the bar, was probably one of the LONGEST waits I have felt in my life.  What in reality probably only took 30 seconds felt like a lifetime, you know the feeling.  Your heart is in your chest, beating in your throat and it takes all the effort you have just to swallow and breathe.  Its magic.

When Dave got to the bar, he ordered himself a drink – a Manhattan.  This may or may not have been the first time I teased him for being old.  I mean really, who drinks Manhattans any more?!  When we finally decided to get a table, he went to pay the bill, and he was surprised my drink wasn’t on there.  Needless to say, in my effort to avoid the awkward, I actually called attention to the awkward – sigh, the best laid plans…story of my life. 😉

We closed the restaurant that night, and he didn’t pay, so I was left with even more confusing feelings.  I knew without a doubt that I liked this guy, but was it a date if he didn’t pay?  Did the fact that he didn’t pay mean that he wasn’t interested?  Man…its tough being a girl!!

Yup – it’s tough…;-)

Dave and I would go through this same dinner routine two more times.  Each time closing the restaurant.  Finally on the third “date” Dave paid for the meal.  I knew then it was a date.  Call me old-fashioned, but in the beginning – the guy should pay. At this point in time, there was only one thing going through my mind –  OMG, he’s into me!!  I’m the exception!!  (Please tell me you get the “He’s Just Not That Into You” reference!)  At the end of our third get together Dave asked me if he could take me on a “real date.”  Starting by picking me up at my apartment.  THIS single act of the picking me up, at an apartment where I still lived with my ex-boyfriend, that allowed me to see how serious he was about starting a real relationship.  We finished the night with literally the BEST kiss of my life, and plans to hit up Boston for an official date.

As I drove back to my apartment that night, I couldn’t help but smile.  I was in a butterfly induced, happy coma.  Ready for whatever lay ahead of us, and completely unprepared all at the same time.

What’s the most memorable kiss you’ve shared?  Was it movie magic perfect, or perfectly awkward?


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