If you’ve hung in there this long, THANK YOU! You’re a trooper and you’ve only got two more posts to get through before we start on the WEDDING!  (Give me a break, I’m saving this story for posterities sake, and trying my hardest to keep each post at a not too boring length!)  But before we get married, or even engaged, we have to make it official!!

A few weeks after our first official date at the aquarium our friends were tying the knot.  At this point, no one in our circle of friends, with the exception of a select few, knew that Dave and I were dating.  It wasn’t that we didn’t want people to know, but we just wanted to take it at our pace, and our pace was to not blab it to everyone we came in contact with. 😉

Dave was a groomsman in the wedding, and I acted as Day of Coordinator.  I will not forget (…I say this phrase a lot, but it’s because I really don’t want to forget…) pulling up to the hotel to drop of a basket that the bride’s sister-in-law had prepared to place in the Newlywed Suite for the bride and groom to find after their wedding.  As I pulled up to the hotel, I saw a group of handsome men all standing in their tuxes, beer in hand.  I knew this had to be the wedding party.  As I got closer, I recognized the backside of my then boyfriend guy I was getting to know.  Yes, even then, I recognized that butt!

I tried so casually to sneak out of the car with the gift.  I wasn’t ready to say hi to my that handsome man in a tux.  And I was realllly unsure of how to respond in front of everyone else.  All these people that didn’t really know that we were.  Do I go up to him and give him a hug, a kiss, a side hug….I figured the easiest way to answer all of those questions was to just avoid the greeting at all!  And I almost pulled it off!  But just as I was getting back into my car, one of the other groomsman yelled out “Hey Britt!!”  And that was that.  Dave turned around, surprised to see me, but pleased I could tell.  I walked over gave hugs to all the guys, wished the groom luck, and headed back to my car under the pretense of needing to get back to the bride.

Truth is, the bride had so many bridesmaids around her at that time I could have probably stayed at the hotel ’till the guys headed that way, but I was just such a nervous wreck, I needed to be back where I felt in control and comfortable.  And for me, that meant watching one of my closest friends get her picture taken in a thousand different ways, and a thousand different poses.  And she was a beautiful distraction!  It was so fun watching her get ready and share this anticipatory time with all the women she felt closest to.  I was so new to the group, I almost felt out of place here too though.  Like I was intruding on something so personal and intimate for this group of friends.

After what felt like seconds, it was announced that the guys had arrived.  And it was time for me to start walking around and checking out the seating.  And staking my claim to a seat that would allow me the best vantage point for the video I had been tasked to obtain.

As I made my way to the seating area, there were the guys, taking pictures and getting their spots down.  And there, was my handsome Dave.  Looking so dapper in his tux, and smiling from ear to ear at his first site of me in my black strapless dress.  We hugged again at that point, and exchanged the all meaningful words “You look great!”  Dave even through in a “hubba, hubba” as he escorted me down the aisle to my seat a little bit later.

ahh, the glow of the new relationship!

After the ceremony was the reception.  The first slow song came on and Dave asked me to dance, without realizing the song, we had our first dance ever to “Can you feel the love tonight?”  Ironic, considering ALL Disney songs were banned from our wedding.  We danced, we kissed, and people started talking.  “Are Dave and Britt dating?  How long has that been going on?  How cute is that?  Good for them!”  Apparently we were quite the buzz on the patio.

A few days after the wedding I headed to San Francisco, CA for work (what, I told you…my job was awesome).  While I was there, not only did I see some amazing views, but Dave asked me to be his girlfriend.  We made it Facebook official, and the rest as they say – is history.

Me and the Golden Gate!

We dated for 6 months “officially,” and were guests at many more weddings, before deciding that marriage was definitely in the cards for us.  Everyone says when you meet the one “you’ll just know.”  I used to roll my eyes at that.  Sometimes, I still do.  But I will say, with every fiber of my being, that statement is true.  We knew that this is who we wanted to CHOOSE to spend forever with.  And so, we began talking rings, and locations, and time of the year.

I know what you’re thinking….y’all were talking locations and time frames prior to a ring on your finger!  Well…yes, but they were just conversations.  Dave knew I needed that ring to make things real in eyes.  But he also knew I didn’t want to have any idea of when it was coming.  So, when and how did he do it?  That’s in the next post, and the last post of the L2 series!

Any of you out there have a pre-engagement engagement?  Where you started to plan things out, way before the ring was actually on your finger?  Anyone else out there still roll their eyes at the “you just know when you know” statements?  Anyone really believe me when I say it’s true?  I love your comments, so leave some!!


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