L2: Will You…

**Note from author:  This one’s a long one, so buckle in and enjoy the ride!**

In October of 2010 my youngest sister and her fiancé got engaged.  In November their parents hosted an engagement party in their honor.  It was a house FILLED to the brim with people.  If we had been in a cartoon, you definitely would have seen the house pulsing, about to burst at the seams any moment.

We had caterers set up in the garage cooking the food, and too many people to count spread between the living room, TV room and everywhere in between.  My other siblings and I did our best to mingle with family and family friends, before sequestering ourselves to a corner, with our significant others and friends that we were most comfortable around.

I remember so vividly that day having a conversation about what I was going to be getting Dave for Christmas.  My brother and brother-in-law were pushing for me to get Dave on the right track with an Xbox so that they could all play Call of Duty over the internet – also known as Xbox live, for all you gamers (yes, I do know the lingo…that’s about it though).  I looked them straight in the eye and said we were saving for the big things in this order:  1. Ring (of course showing them my empty left hand finger while saying this), 2. Xbox, 3. Big Screen TV.  My brother and brother-in-law then reminded me that the ring had no benefit to Dave (UMM, I beg to differ….that RING has one pretty big benefit for Dave….ME, as his wife, forever [side note to the side note – I cannot say or type forever, without saying it foooor-eeeevvvv-eeer, you know, like in the Disney classic “The Sandlot”]).

You see, by November 2010 Dave and I knew that we would be getting married…some day.  I knew that three big things had to happen prior to this happening:  1. Dave had to ask my parents, 2. Dave had to save up for a ring, 3. Dave had to pick out said ring.  I also knew that Dave had already started saving, at least I assumed so.  That just left items 1 and 3 on the to-do list.  I bring up the engagement party, because at some point in that evening, I caught Dave outside on the deck with just my Dad.  I gave them quite a bit of time, and could tell they were talking intently about something.  Of course, in my head that meant he was asking my dad for permission right then.  So I made it my goal to not allow anyone to interrupt that conversation.  Oh come on, you know you would do the same…  Eventually I made my way out to the deck along with a few other people, and started in my oh so subtle way, as subtle a brick falling on tile, asking what it was they had been talking about.  Dave’s only answer was “nothing.”

WHAT?  Nothing??  I knew it!!  They WERE talking about me!  And our possible one day upcoming nuptials.  At least, that’s what nothing meant to me.  Turns out….I, as usual, was W-R-O-N-G.  The nothing they were talking about really was nothing.  A little bit of motorcycle talk, a little bit of nothingness.  A whole lotta nothing about a wedding talk at all.  Womp womp.  This reality was affirmed when my step-mom and I were having a conversation about my suspicions and she stated that my dad had not said anything to her if Dave had asked…and I knew this would not be the case.

This is my pouty face./Personal photo

BUT – Spoiler alert – Dave did eventually ask my dad.  Apparently while we were with my family for our first Christmas together, Dave had gone out to help my dad grill the steaks (yes, my family always has filet mignon for Christmas dinner) and decided that would be a good time to ask for my hand in marriage.  From what I understand, the conversation went something along the lines of: “I’d like to marry your daughter.”  To which my father replied “have you met my daughter?”  HA HA Dad…you’re soooo funny!  😉  And then, the deed was done.  You could have fooled me.  Both my dad and Dave spent the rest of the afternoon acting as if this life changing conversation had never happened.

A few days after Christmas, my mom came up from TN for a visit.  I had invited Dave over for dinner to get to know my mom a little better (they had only met a couple times before this).  After dinner, I had to go to the bathroom, as people usually do.  While I was in there, Dave asked my mom for my hand in marriage as well.  As I understand it, this conversation went pretty smoothly, and ended in Dave informing my mom that he had already purchased a ring, but that it hadn’t come in yet.  Meanwhile, here I am, going to the bathroom totally unaware of the conversation going on just beyond the closed door.

On New Year’s Eve day my mom was set to fly back to TN.  We had planned for Dave to meet us at my place, and the three of us would then go to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory prior to dropping my mom off at the airport.  During lunch, Dave’s cell phone went off and he got up to answer the call.  As he walked back to the table he looked all disheveled and frustrated and said he had to go into the office.  I was confused.  It was a Saturday – and Dave doesn’t work weekends, and as far as I knew wasn’t on-call for New Year’s.  But Dave told us he had a key to a certain room that they needed to get into, and he was the only one with that key.  So unfortunately he had to go.

I'm sorry Mr. Boss Man...Dave's busy...

Now, remember, we were in ONE vehicle…how was this going to work.  In my mind I was too busy going over the logistics of how to get Dave there and back with enough time to get my mom back to the airport and not miss her flight.  So we agreed that Dave should just leave now, and my mom and I would stay and finish lunch.  He would then come back and pick us up and we would head straight to the airport.

After my mom and I enjoyed the rest of our lunch, and of course – our cheesecake, nom nom, we paid the bill and I gave Dave a call.  As luck would have it, he was just pulling off the highway in Providence to head back to the mall where we were.  I told him just to circle around and we would meet him out front.  We were able to make it to the airport just in time, and as my mom headed to her gate, Dave and I headed back to my place to get ready for the New Year’s Eve party we were supposed to go to.

Whew…this is getting long with a capital L (does this statement really make all that much sense in type, when I could very clearly write out the word long with an actual capital L?).  I think I’ll stop it here, and leave you in suspense.  You know, as much suspense as can be built with a story to which you already know the outcome…eh, details details.


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