L2: I love you MORE than a bushel and a peck

Whew, we are finally to the engagement part.  I know what you’re all thinking – FINALLY!  I was going to try and get to it in my last post, but when I realized how long that post had actually gotten, I decided to turn this series into one more post.

Anywho, when we last left off Dave and I were headed back to my apartment to get ready for a New Year’s Eve party we were supposed to go to.  Please note, if this were a documentary on TV, this is where there would be a wiggle fade back to the story at hand…

On our way back home somehow the topic of Dave proposing came up.  I can’t even remember how, it was such a common joke between us, it was probably something along the lines of “if and when you ever decide to actually ask me to marry you….I’d like to do this at the wedding.”  See, I’m subtle.  I then said that if Dave were to propose within the next 6 months we’d be able to start planning a wedding for around the time frame we wanted.  The conversation that followed will always stick in my mind:

Dave:  Why do I need to wait six months?  Are you not sure you want to marry me?

Me:  You don’t have to wait six months, if you asked me right now, I’d say yes in a heartbeat.

Dave:  So if I just pulled the ring out of my pocket right now, you’d be ok with that?

Me:  Well, I’d hope you do something a little more romantic than that to ask me, but sure, if that’s how you want it to go….

Little did I know he could have actually pulled the ring out right then, because he did indeed have the ring in his pocket!!  His little jaunt out from lunch to let his colleagues into the room that only he had a key to, was actually a trip to the jewelry store.  They had called then to let him know the ring was ready.  Side note:  Apparently the ring was supposed to be ready that Thursday, but the jeweler had flubbed up, and Dave went to pick it up and that’s when they remembered they were supposed to be making my ring!  Good thing he followed up!

Dave didn’t pull the ring out in the car though.  We made our way to the apartment, changed and got all gussied up for our party, and headed out the door to get our favorite wings from a local BBQ joint in the area.  All the while, I’m completely oblivious to the fact that Dave had a very special surprise for me in store.

At this point in the story, I feel it appropriate to tell you that I love a good romance story.  I am a product of Disney princess movies, and romantic comedies.  I love a good girl meets boy, boy meets girl, girl and boy fall in love and live happily ever after.  And therefore, I had romanticized New Year’s Eve in my head for ages.  I longed for that New Years Kiss as the clock struck 12, and romantic evening, surrounded by friends and loved ones, and even better if it included a formal dress and lots of Champagne.  However, in my 28 years at that point, I had never had any of those things.  Even in the years I had a boyfriend for New Years, he wasn’t into the romantic notion of a kiss at midnight.

I had learned after many years of disappointment due to my romanticized notions, to let go of the dream, and just enjoy the evening for what it was.  Therefore, when Dave suggested we take a ride after picking up the wings, because we had “some time to kill.”  I thought nothing of it.  It was a gorgeous clear night, and the sun had just gone down.  We had about an hour before we were supposed to be anywhere, and so we decided to drive around Providence.

As we pulled up to Prospect Terrace Park, I saw the most beautiful view of the city below.  If you know me, you may already know this, but I love love love city lights at night.  There is something so beautiful about the sparkling lights against a black backdrop.  So I was pleased that our drive had taken us by here.  I was so enthralled in the view, I didn’t notice Dave parking the car.  He suggested we get out and walk to the fence to get a better view of the city.

Get out of the car?  And walk through the snow, in my flats with no socks?  I wasn’t sure I was up for it.  But it seemed to be pretty important to him, so I got out of the car, and did my best to stay within the foot prints already embedded in the snow.  I was hoping staying in these tracks would help to prevent the amount of snow that would fall into my shoes and onto my bare skin.  I was extremely thankful when we reached the salted sidewalk at the fence’s line.

We stood there for a moment, in silence.  Dave’s arms around my waist, just observing the city lights.  It was extremely romantic, and I remember thinking briefly, this would be a great place to get engaged.  But I quickly pushed the thought out of my mind.  I wanted to just enjoy the moment with Dave, and not end it frustrated or let down because he didn’t ask me to marry him then.

What we saw looked something like this.../source

As we stood there admiring the view, I realized Dave was talking to me.  “I love you more than a bushel and a peck, you know?” he whispered into my ear.  “I know.” I replied with a smile and snuggle into him.  “How much do you love me?”  , he asked.  You see, we had this game where we would say how much we loved each other more than silly things.  So I replied “More than rainbows and butterflies.”  Dave followed that response up with a smile and another question, “Do you love me enough to marry me?”  As he said this last question I saw out of the corner of my eye the sparkle of what I could only assume was a diamond.

First picture of the ring...see that snow on the ground??

I was in shock.  “Shut up….seriously?!” was my immediate response (yes, Ronni, I’m sorry I made fun of you for saying shut up when Andrew asked you….when you’re surprised, it really is the first thing out of your mouth sometimes).  I even gave a little shove to Dave.  Ok, maybe little isn’t the right word, I think Dave thought he might go over the fence.  What can I say, the adrenaline was pumping.

Eventually I was able to pull myself together enough to hear Dave talk about how he wanted to grow old with me, and couldn’t imagine doing so with anyone else.  The proposal was perfectly us.  A little bit of romance, a lot of humor, and an abundance of love.  As Dave slid the ring onto my finger, I managed to say yes, then yes 100 times more.  After a little bit of hugging and kissing, I looked at him and said “I have to call my family!!”

The night we got engaged!

And like that, we were engaged.  The phone calls were made, and we headed to the party.  It was amazing to walk into the party and tell one of my best friends (who knew it was happening that night…but did an amazing job of keeping that secret from me) that I was engaged, then from there to tell each person/couple as they arrived to the party.  The night was filled with celebration, not only for the New Year, but for our engagement.  It was truly the best New Years I have had to date.  I don’t know that anything will ever top it really….it was the first day of the rest of my life with Dave, as my consistent better half!  I couldn’t have imagined welcoming 2011 in any better way!

One of my favorite engagement shots, by the amazing Nolyn!!/Clarity in Light Photography

So, what’s your engagement story?  Anyone else have any holidays totally romanticized in your head?


2 thoughts on “L2: I love you MORE than a bushel and a peck

  1. I love this. a lot. also, I realize every time I read these that you and I were meant to be friends, lol, we’ve been conditioned the same way and have the most ridiculous romantic notions. Damn romantic comedies and Disney Princesses.

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