Some Things Are Just Meant To Be – The Decision

After taking some time (only about 30 minutes) Dave and I had reached our decision.  So we called up John and told him to let House Perfect’s sellers know we were still interested, and our offer still stood.  We had decided that while we really liked House A, and all of its potential, we still LOVED House Perfect.  After all, the first time we had seen House A we were still waiting to hear about House Perfect, and we didn’t see nearly as much potential in it as we did the second time around.  PLUS, we weren’t guaranteed we were going to hear a yes/counter offer from House A’s sellers.  We definitely didn’t want to risk missing out on House Perfect, just to hear a no from House A.

So, as we made our way to my youngest sister’s house for dinner with the siblings and grandmother, we waited to hear back from John.  We assumed that it would be a pretty quick turnaround.  They were either going to accept our offer as is, or they were going to re-list the property to the public.  Bada Bing, Bada Boom.  When we arrived at R’s house, we went in with baited breath.  Every time Dave’s phone made a noise, I looked expectantly at him…hoping that it was going to be John, and was going to be good news.

Finally after what felt like hours, but was really just minutes, the cell phone began to ring.  Dave answered quickly, and I heard him say “no, but she can be…do we need to be on speaker?”  I knew this meant good news!  John had never once asked for us to be on speaker when delivering a No.  (I’m sure this is just because it is semi-routine, but I have thought at times its because he knows Dave will be the calmer, more rational person when hearing the No, haha)  Once Dave managed to get the phone onto speaker, and I had said my hello’s…which went something like “Hi John!  Does this mean we got a YES?!”  (I told you…I’m patient)  John replied with a chuckle and a “YOU GOT THE HOUSE!!  IT’S YOURS!”

YAY!!!!!/ Source

I believe it was at this moment I started jumping up and down like a kid just seeing cupcakes for the first time (a little tiny cake…all for me?  And I can hold it in my hand?!?!)  Our joy and excitement could not be contained.  And it was made even sweeter getting to share it immediately with my brother and sisters, and grandmother – who just happened to be up from TX for the next few months.  We were going to be homeowners, and it was the house that we truly wanted.  The only house that had made us both feel like we belonged there from the beginning.  OH, and I feel it should also be noted here that we were also informed by John, as per his legal obligation, that House A had counter offered us!  What?!  We have been looking for three months, put in 8 offers, none of which had EVER been countered, and here we are in one night, getting an accepted bid, and counter offer?!  What are the chances?

As Dave got the details from John, I celebrated and hugged my siblings and nephew.  We proceeded to have a wonderful dinner filled with joy and merriment.  When we left that night we called our parents to tell them the good news, and then Dave and I got down to business.  I asked if we could drive past the house and if that would be stalkerish…considering it was already 9:00 at night and dark, Dave said no, and yes – that was indeed a little stalkerish.  We then started talking next steps.  As neither of us has ever purchased a house before, Dave had taken quite a bit of time discussing this with John after we had received the good news.

Before I get into the details of what we want to do with the house…do you want to see what it looks like?  Of course you do!!

Here she is!! View from the street.

Isn’t she lovely?!  Isn’t she wonderful?! (Name that tune!)  I love how open it feels, and how airy and bright the big windows make the living room.  We have big plans to move that far wall (the exterior wall on the right of the pic) out eventually and add an additional 8 feet to the kitchen and dining room area giving us more space in both rooms.  We also want to knock out a dividing wall between the kitchen and dining room to really dive into the open concept and feel of the house.  Of course I’ll keep you all posted on how that pans out.

For now…I’m going to go throw myself a party (again) and celebrate (again) our NEW HOUSE!!

Any of my readers out there still looking for their first, second or umpteenth home? How’s your search coming along?  Any amazing “we knew it was meant to be” stories like ours??


11 thoughts on “Some Things Are Just Meant To Be – The Decision

    • Thank you!!! We’re so excited! Can’t wait to start making it our own! I wanted to tell you yesterday when you said your comment about the roller-coaster of it all, but didn’t want to ruin the post I knew was waiting in the ques. lol. Now, onto the excitement of waiting on all the ducks to fall in a row, and the closing to go smoothly!

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