Committed to Us: Big Decisions – DJ/ Photographer

So, if you’re keeping count:

Venue – check

Dress – check

So, we were on our way to the next big decisions.  Luckily in the year and a half that Dave and I dated prior to getting married, we were guests at many a wedding.  Dave was actually a groomsman at most of them.  As anyone who has attended a wedding while planning a wedding will tell you – you take notes.  You notice the small stuff, you pay attention to what the bride and groom selected, because you are now, totally aware of EVERY decision that has to be made.

Lucky for us that during this time, we had both heard a DJ that we had made mental note of.  Literally on the way from the Park to the party on that NYE, after being engaged for only 20 minutes or so, Dave said that he wanted to use Brad from Party Excitement.  I was an easy sell, as that is exactly who I wanted to use as well.  Not only was he the DJ that played the first song we ever danced to, but he was also the best DJ that Dave and I had ever had the pleasure of seeing, hearing, I don’t know…whatever is the appropriate statement when discussing party entertainment.  With that big decision out of the way quickly it allowed for us to focus on other decisions.

Next up: Photography.

If there was one other thing I had ever dreamed of when planning my imaginative wedding, it was the photographs.  I am an admitted creeper when it comes to wedding photography.  I will stalk the photographers sites, and look at your posted wedding pics on Facebook, even if I don’t know you.  I. LOVE. WEDDING. PHOTOGRAPHY.  So, I’m sure I don’t have to stress the fact that this was a BIG decision to me.  In my mind, the two things worth spending the most money on for the wedding were as follows:  1.  The DJ – cause they really make or break the party feel of your wedding, and 2.  The photographer – cause they really make or break what’s captured from your wedding, and truly allow you to relive your feelings and emotions if captured well.

When it came to our wedding.  I was NOT disappointed.  Brad did an amazing job of getting and keeping folks on the dance floor.  And Kristin of Kristin Korpos Photography did a phenomenal job capturing the feeling of the day.  Because I don’t believe my words can do her justice, I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Brad plays us the tunes to rock out to.

Soooo Handsome!!

Our amazing wedding party. Couldn't have our day without them.


She captured the details like we asked for. This was my wedding gift to my husband, a mechanical pocket watch.


She captured the emotion of the day better than we could have imagined. This is my sister-in-law, and our brother-in-law laughing and enjoying the evening.


She captured us in a way that made us look timeless, feel comfortable, and beautiful.

I found Kristin not through a google search, but through her wife, Maarit.  Maarit and I used to work together at AMAG Pharmaceuticals, and when I was laid off…so was she.  We had both opted to take the “how to prepare for the job market” class offered by the outsourced firm hired by AMAG to help transition us into the unemployed market.  At lunch one day it came up that Maarit and her wife were photographers on the side from their day to day jobs.  And that one day they would love for it to be what supported them.  Knowing that Dave was the one at this point, and that marriage was definitely in our future, I not so subtly asked Maarit for the information for their photography business.  She sent me an email that night with a link to the website, and I was sold.

Fast forward three months and I showed Dave this same link, and he was sold.  Based on talent alone, we knew we liked Kristin’s style.  So we emailed her up and set up a face to face meeting.  Because Kristin and Maarit are based out of Boston, we offered to meet halfway at a Starbucks.  (What vendor meeting doesn’t happen in a coffee shop?)  Once we had met, it was an automatic connection.  These women seemed to get us, and our vision for the wedding.  They understood we wanted laid back fun, with TONS of laughter, and lots of candid shots.  And boy did they deliver.

As you can tell from the select few photos up top, they know their stuff, and make us look darn good!  We were so pleased with how the wedding went down we decided to hire them for a Portrait Shoot after the wedding.  So in a few weeks, I will be once again donning my white gown, and Dave a suit, and we will be heading into Boston to get shots around the city.  We are SO excited, and you know…I’ll share the photos with you once I have them.

Anyone else ever made a decision faster than you ever thought you would – just because of the connection you felt with the vendor?


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