Committed to Us: Big Decisions – Photographer Too

On the coat tails of the last photography post, I felt it appropriate to talk about another wedding photographer that was VERY involved in our pre-wedding and wedding time period as well.  I’ve made mention at this point that our Best Man was actually a Best Woman.  Her name is Nolyn and she’s been friends with Dave since forever.  (Side note:  How fortunate are Dave and I that we each had one person standing with us on the day of the wedding that had known us throughout our entire lives?  I had Robin, and he had Nolyn.  It’s so rare these days that people have lasting friendships like this, I consider ourselves two of the luckiest people on earth!)

OK…back to the subject at hand.  If you did know that Nolyn was a friend of ours, you may not have known that she too is a wedding photographer.  And amazingly talented one at that.  While she obviously couldn’t be the photographer for our wedding – we could take advantage of her mad skillz and ask her to do our Engagement Pictures.

One night about a month into the engagement, Dave and I headed to Nolyn’s together to ask her to be the Best Woman in the wedding.  While she was surprised, she was excited.  And I decided then and there that this was as good of time as any to ask her to be our Engagement Photographer.  She of course said yes, and we decided that we would do a quick shoot in the snow this winter, but wait to take the bulk of the photos in the spring when the weather had warmed up a bit.

This is once again where my words will now fail me, but the images will speak for themselves:

Mad skillz – right?  If you are in the MA/RI/CT area you should definitely hit her up!  You will NOT be disappointed.


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