Committed to Us: What it’s really all about – The Ceremony

I briefly touched on the fact that the ceremony is really the most important part of your wedding day.  It is after all the main reason that you are there.  Because Dave and I spent a lot of time and effort putting together our ceremony, I wanted to share it with you here.  We took what Sue had provided us, and created what we felt would reflect the feelings and emotions we hoped for in the day.  After sending it back to Sue and gaining her approval, we were good to go.  In all the ceremony took about 15 minutes.  It was short, yet meaningful.  Full of emotion, and hilarity.  It was us, 100%.  Without further ado – welcome to our ceremony:

Family and friends of Brittney and Dave: Welcome.  We gather here this evening to celebrate their marriage and stand witness to their loving commitment to each other.  This day marks the beginning of a new life for this couple, one which Brittney and Dave have anticipated for some time and with great joy!  Through history people have felt the need to celebrate the great moments of life.  At those times we call upon family and friends to help commemorate a moment, too wonderful to experience alone. 

We were so fortunate to be surrounded by so many people who love us. / photo by Kristin Korpos

Today, Brittney and Dave bring with them that particular personality and spirit which is uniquely their own and out of which will grow the reality of their lives together.   They will promise to be by each other’s side no matter what life brings their way.  Having you here with us makes that moment all the more special.  Now, Jennifer Lee, one of the many friends here, has a reading for the bride and groom.

Beautiful Jenny. / Photo by Kristin Korpos

Brittney and Dave, this day not only signifies a celebration of shared values and commitment, but it attests to the fact that you have chosen to build your future together.  As you know, no one can officially marry you.  Only you can marry each other.  By a mutual commitment to love each other, to work toward creating an atmosphere of caring, by being willing to face the tensions as well as the joys of shared life together, YOU will make your wedded life come alive.  Brittney and Dave your decision to join together for life is prompted by the love you have for each other.  This love provides you with the determination to be yourselves, your capacity for understanding and your desire for life.  It gives you the courage to hope and the ability to dream.  Your purpose in joining together is to nurture that love in each other and then to share it with others.

Brittney and Dave, when you do things for each other, do them in the spirit of joy not out of duty or sacrifice.  Do not expect perfection in each other be flexible, patient and understanding.  Remember that marriage is a relationship between a woman and a man in which independence is equal, the dependence is mutual and the love, the love is reciprocal.  It is the acknowledgement of a profound commitment the promise of devotion and the celebration of your love.  This love should serve as a common energy from which you may both draw the strength to stand together as well as the courage to stand apart, to fulfill your own lives and to make your own special contributions to this world.

Photo by Kristin Korpos

At this time, I would like to share with you a prayer that Brittney and Dave have chosen for this special day.

LORD, thank you for the gift of love, especially the love that brings us together here today.  Thank you for the meaning of real marriage in which two people become more than they are because of their relationship to each other.  Thank you for the privilege we have to be here and to be a part and party to Brittney and Dave’s love for each other and their commitment to each other in marriage. LORD, I believe you want love to last and to grow.  Help their love, as beautiful as it is, to become even more beautiful and more deep in the days ahead. LORD, I believe you have made us each as individuals more beautiful than we know or see.  Help Brittney and Dave to find that beauty in each other and each within themselves through their life together. AMEN

Brittney and Dave now I ask that you declare your vows to one another.

Do you, Dave, promise Brittney that from this day onward she will be your wife, that you will stand with her in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, and do you pledge to respect, love and cherish her forever?

Dave:  I DO!! **One of the funniest parts of the ceremony was at this point.  Dave was sooo excited, and probably nervous, that he jumped the gun on the “I DO!” part, and said it half-way through Sue’s question.  It was awesome, and totally Dave.  I loved every second of it.

Do you, Brittney, promise Dave that from this day onward he will be your husband, that you will stand with him in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, and do you pledge to respect, love and cherish him forever?

Brittney:  I DO!!

May I have the rings please Nolyn.  These rings are symbols of the love, friendship and faithfulness that you share.  As circles they have no beginning and no end.  May you be blessed with joy as you journey through your life together surrounded by the circle of your love.

Brittney, I give you this ring with love, choosing you alone from all the world to be my wife.  I pledge to share my life with you, to honor and tenderly care for you through all the changes of our lives.

Dave, I give you this ring with love, choosing you alone from all the world to be my husband.  I pledge to share my life with you, to honor and tenderly care for you through all the changes of our lives.

Then it was time for the Unity Candle.  We knew with it being outside we may have some difficulty getting the candles to stay lit.  So we decided to have our mom’s light the candles at this point in the ceremony.  While Bryan Adams sang “When you Love Someone” our mom’s made their way to the candle set up behind us.  Each mother picked up the lighters and began to light their candles, however, the lighters wouldn’t work.  Neither one of them.  So, I casually turned to our loved ones and simply said “anyone got a light?”

I knew we had several smokers in the crowd, and figured surely someone would be able to help us out.  Sure enough, a lighter made its way up to us, and the mom’s once again began trying to light their candles.  But the candles wouldn’t stay lit.

With the candles being stubborn, Dave and I made our way over to our moms.  we put our hands around the flames to block the wind, and gave our moms a kiss.  As the mothers made their way back to their respective seats, the candles they had lit, went out.  (There was still quite a breeze from Irene, but apparently the only place it was really being felt was right here under the Gazebo.)

So I said to Dave, lets just hold the lighter together and light the one in the middle.  Same concept right?  As Dave lit the candle I pushed it down into the coffee beans below, and got the flame just low enough, that it remained lit through the rest of the service.  One of our guests, actually most of our guests have said that was one of their most favorite parts of the entire ceremony.  It was so real, and showed that Dave and I could work well as a team, maintaining a positive outlook, and humor through a situation that could have been handled completely different.  I just saw it as a funny moment, that would be a memory to hold on to for the rest of our lives.

Brittney and Dave have joined themselves together today and for every tomorrow ahead.  This is a moment of celebration.  Let it also be a moment of dedication.  This world does a good job of reminding us of how fragile we are.  Individuals are fragile; relationships are fragile, too.  Every marriage needs love, nurturing and support of a network of friends and family.  ON this wedding day, I ask you not only be a friend to Brittney or Dave, but a friend of Brittney and Dave together, friend of the relationship.

And now having declared yourselves openly to each other before God, your family, and friends, and in accordance with our laws, I say, by the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I now pronounce that you are husband and wife!!!

You may kiss the bride!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. David Lemieux!

And with that, we were married.  Hand and hand we made our way down the aisle, ready for the life ahead.

But first, we were more than ready to start the celebration of the commitment we had just made.  So, after the receiving line, where we were able to hug and thank everyone personally for coming, we were ready to boogie down with our friends and family and make it a night to be remembered.


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