Committed to Us: Meet our Bridal Party

So, there we were, lined up and ready to go.  Brad had gone over all of the names again with each bridal party member, and we had paired up.  I stressed that I wanted them to all walk in and HAVE A BLAST.  We wanted a party, and the best way to set that tone, is to walk in and have fun!  My sisters had bustled up my dress, and the crowd was waiting.  Then I heard it, the first few notes of Big and Rich’s “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.”

Now, I’m going to introduce you to our wonderful bridal party, because quite frankly, we couldn’t have imagined our day without them: (Go ahead, play it while you read)

First up, Steve and April.

Photo by Kristin Korpos

Steve is a long time friend of Dave and recent friend of mine.  He was a great addition to our bridal party!

April is one of my best friends who lives in TN and the one I mentioned in this post is getting married this summer.  She and I have only lived in the same city for 6 months out of the 6 years we have known each other.  We are true testament to long distance friendships working; you just both have to want it.  We met working in hell at Enterprise, and had an automatic connection.  Sometimes, you just know that you’re supposed to be friends with a person, and that’s how it was for us.  I was so thankful to have her standing next to me on my day, and look forward to standing next to her on hers.

Next was, Gage and Robin.

Photo by Kristin Korpos

Gage is our nephew, and Dave’s God son.  He’s the oldest of our nieces and nephews on both sides and it was a huge honor for us to have him as such a special part of our day.

Robin and I have been friends since we were four years old.  And yes, that’s how we will introduce each other to you if one of us is doing the introducing.  There were several moments in my wedding timeline where someone heard the line “This is Robin.  We’ve been friends since we were four.”  We love that we are able to give testament to our 26 year friendship this way, because just stating that we’re best friends doesn’t always seem to sum it up.  She too will be getting married this summer, to a high school sweetheart rediscovered, and I am thrilled to be standing with them on that day, just as she was standing with me on mine.

After that were Kevin and Jackie.

Photo by Kristin Korpos

Kevin has been friends with Dave for years.  They grew up playing video games with each other, and it was so nice to have him stand for Dave and represent those years of Dave’s life.

Jackie was my roommate in Nashville for the first year after college before my move to New England, and before that one of my roommates in college.  We’ve been best friends since freshman year at Carson-Newman.  With a 10 year friendship you go through your ups and downs, but Jackie and I have always felt like a perfect fit.  We knew we’d make it through the downs and be better for it in the end, and we are.  I can’t imagine my life without her friendship.  It was her wedding that I was in during the great Nashville flood of 2010, and I loved having her make the trip from TN to MA to be in mine.  She was about 3 months pregnant at this point too, and experiencing horrible morning sickness so she made her trek down the aisle with a baggie in her pocket and a candy in her mouth – talk about dedication.  (And boy am I thankful she didn’t need that baggie)

Then there was Jay and Amanda.

Photo by Kristin Korpos

Jay, my MOH’s husband, and close friend of Dave was such a great sport.  It really meant a ton to both of us to have him standing with us on our big day.  Dave was standing by his side on his day, and it was great to have Jay repay the favor.

Amanda is my middle sister.  I was so honored to be in her wedding a few years ago, and was so excited that she was able to be apart of mine.  She was such a help during the engagement and I was so thankful for her being a part of my wedding party.

After the two of them, we had Jim and Ronni.

Photo by Kristin Korpos

Jim is Dave’s brother, and my now Brother-In-Law, so thankful that he was willing to be a part of our day.

Ronni is my youngest sister and I was so glad to have her be a part of my day.  She too is getting married in just a few weeks, and I can’t wait to be apart of her special day too.

Next up: Our MOH and BM, Jessica and Nolyn.

Photo by Kristin Korpos

Nolyn and Dave have been friends for-ev-er.  I have actually seen a picture of them from Kindergarten I believe.  She is also a great friend of mine.  Over the time that I have gotten to know Dave and become a part of the group, all of these folks have become my friends just as much as they are Dave’s.  We were so fortunate to get to have her standing up for us.

Jess and I met while working in Lexington, MA.  We had volunteered for a basketball tournament with the Special Olympics, and neither of us plays b-ball.  After a day of joking around, talking about her upcoming wedding, and the Bachelorette party I was helping to plan for Jackie we automatically felt connected.  From that point on we had lunch together every day and forged a friendship that would turn into a best friendship quickly.  She is the one that planted the seeds in my head and heart as well as Dave’s for the two of us to find each other.  She was a HUGE asset during my engagement and my wedding and all of the events around it wouldn’t have been what they were without her.  I was so thankful to get to have her be apart of our day.

And then, all of a sudden it was time for Dave and I to go:  We heard the first few bars of our entering song, Republica “Ready to Go”

Then we heard Brad start to introduce us and we made a spur of the moment decision of how to enter.  We would tango in – and Dave would hold a Daisy in his mouth.  It was AWESOME.  We had such a blast, and all of a sudden, we were for the first time “MR. and MRS. LEMIEUX!”

Photo by Kristin Korpos


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