Huh, well that didn’t take long….

We last left off during the house hunting saga that has been the Lemieux’s life recently, we had decided to walk away from a house I had dubbed “house perfect” due to some major repair issues that the sellers just couldn’t do.

I posted that post THE DAY we decided to keep looking.  It was a hard post to write, but a necessary step in the journey to document.  I honestly feel the hardest part of posting it was admitting to everyone that we were essentially yelling a great big SIKE!  We have a house….wait, SIKE, no we don’t.

But it wasn’t like that.  It was an emotional decision that logically had to be made.  Well, in the spirit of the phrase “hindsight is 20/20” we probably should have known it wasn’t going to work out.

Red Flag #1 – the other accepted buyers had walked away due to the roof.

Red Flag #2 – the sellers were tight on their loan, meaning should we find anything that needed to be repaired, they probably weren’t going to be able to afford to do it.

Red Flag #3 – (this came while we were waiting to do our inspections and make our decision) the selling realtor informed us that the sellers had been offered another offer after ours that was higher than asking, and that the sellers had wanted to take said offer.  (thus inferring that we should just not worry about what the inspection was going to say, and just proceed forward or we might lose the house)

I don’t know about you – but I think those are some pretty dang BIG red flags.  Unfortunately, it took us about $1,000 to see them, and believe them.  So after deciding to walk away, we figured what better time than NOW to start looking?  We went back out with John that day to look at two more houses that had hit the market.  One was a new foreclosure listing, and the other a reduced price house that had been on the market a view weeks.

As normal, I’m going to be completely honest with you; I went out to look at these two houses with VERY low expectations, and more for my husband than for myself.  Both of these houses online seemed to not meet what we were looking for, but we figured you don’t know till you try.  So, semi reluctantly and definitely ready to be unimpressed, I headed out the door with Dave to go see what the real estate world still had to offer us.

The first house had its perks:

  1. Close to friends
  2. Foreclosure = good price
  3. Needed a total revamp so we could definitely make it our own.

It also had its downside:

  1. Foreclosure = LONG time before we could really get it for what we needed
  2. It was TRASHED
  3. Mold remediation would have been a definite

The second house, a Cape style that I was sure would be WAY to small for us, also had its perks:

  1. Nice back Yard
  2. Vinyl Siding
  3. Well maintained

But, just like the first house, had its downsides too:

  1. Older kitchen
  2. Tiny bathroom (probably do to the very obtrusive vanity)
  3. Two floors

As I mentioned before, I was completely prepared to be underwhelmed by this outing.  What I was not prepared for, was to fall in love with the Cape.  The house I was SURE would be too small, felt just right.  The night I was SURE would be a waste turned into a “we’d like to make an offer” evening.  And so, we did just that.  John happened to have offer paperwork in his truck, so we went from walking away from one house, to making an offer on the next.  Within 24 hours.  Talk about fast!

We figured it would take a couple of days to hear back from the sellers on the house.  But the next afternoon we were informed that they had made a counter offer.  There counter was still a tad higher than we wanted to go, so we figured it couldn’t hurt to try and counter them again.  So off John went with our “best 203K offer” on the table, and within five minutes, we had heard a YES!

Believe me when I tell you I wanted nothing more than to run out into the world and yell “WE GOT A HOUSE….AGAIN!”  But after having to announce to the world earlier that week that we had gotten a house and it hadn’t worked out, I decided to keep my tongue bit and mouth shut…for the time being.  A few folks were eventually let into the know when they inquired on our search, because I much as I didn’t want to tell folks, I also didn’t want to lie.  So eventually Dave and I agreed, we would tell people, we just wouldn’t advertise it.  If someone asked how the search was going, we would let them in on “our little secret” but if they didn’t, we’d wait until the inspections had cleared and the Purchase and Sales agreement had been signed.

So, if you’re following along, you have probably figured out, WE HAVE A HOUSE…AGAIN!!  But this time, we have already had the inspection – which went swimmingly, not one big issue was mentioned and we have officially signed the Purchase and Sales Agreement.  If all goes smoothly from here on out we should close on May 29th (the day after my beloved’s birthday…Happy Birthday to him!)!!  And we hope to move soon after that.

….Now, I’m off to go look at pictures of American Mastiffs because I want one….bad!

How could you not want one of these?? / Source


7 thoughts on “Huh, well that didn’t take long….

  1. Congrats!! That stinks that you lost out on some money with the last house that didn’t go through. Hope there are no issues and you get to close at the end of the month!

  2. Mastiffs are ADORABLE but also huge…just fyi. And YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!! So excited about the house!!!!! ❤

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