Where have YOU been?

I know, I know, I’ve been a little MIA recently.  And I’m sorry.

Things around here have been crazy, and I just haven’t found the time to sit down and blog about it all.  My youngest sister is getting married this weekend, my husband is turning 36 with a celebratory BBQ and day in Boston, and we are closing on our new house!!

So – as if that sentence didn’t sum it all up well enough for you, I’ll go into detail about some of it.  After all, you read a blog for the words and the pictures right?  Well, I’ve been doing several projects for all of these events and I’m ready to give you some previews!

Project 1: Ribbon Bouquet


In case you are completely out of the loop when it comes to weddings, it is typical that the bride will carry a bouquet of ribbons at her rehearsal to be the fill in for the flowers she will actually be carrying on the day of.

This bouquet was made from all of the ribbons collected at my sister’s bridal shower.  I had so much fun deciding how to organize the bouquet and making it look like a cascading bouquet for my sister to carry at her rehearsal.

Even the handle was made from ribbons.

Getting this sucker to not be too heavy to stay together was another trick all on its own.  I ended up using a combination of Modge Podge (FYI this can be used in lue of Elmer’s glue) and hot glue.  After only a few burned fingers and maybe some under the breath cursing, we were up one ribbon bouquet.  I just hope Ronni loves it too.

Project 2:  Cupcake Tower

Can’t wait to use it!

Pinterest idea put into full effect.  I have always adored kitchen gadgets and serving assistants.  I love a good cake stand, and am smitten with appetizer servers.  I know, just call me lame or cool – whatever floats your boat.

Dave’s birthday falls on Memorial Day weekend and I have decided that we will have an annual BBQ to celebrate the holiday and the birth of my handsome hubby.  Last year was our first year, and I took notes.  I believe every year for the next few will be learning experiences.  What I still need to add to my serving dish arsenal and what foods people really like or don’t like during the actual event.

This year I decided to make cupcakes, but I couldn’t just let them sit on the table all awkward like.  They needed a home, and a tower to be the royalty they deserve to be.  So, off to the Dollar General I went.  Five dollars later I was walking out of the store with all the pieces I needed to create said tower for the Guiness and Bailey’s Cupcakes I will be making for the party.

The process was pretty easy.  Big plate, Modge Podge + Hot glue, and candle stick, repeat.  I chose to use a large round plate, slightly smaller square plate, and smaller round plate to create my tiers.  The stands in the middle are just glass candle sick holders.  After gluing the plates to the candle sticks I have allowed them to cure for a few days.  I can report that at this point (3 days in) the glue is still curing but the plates are firmly stuck.  My hope is to allow them to completely set as of Saturday so that I can wash each plate of the tower and use it on Sunday.  I’ll keep you posted.

Project 3:  Yarn Letter Wreath for Front Door

Maybe it’s because it’s new, or maybe it’s because I’m crazy – but I cannot get enough of the letter L.  Now that it solidifies our family unit, I want nothing more than to have the first letter of our last name anywhere and everywhere I can put it.  So naturally one of the first projects I decided to undertake for the new house was a project I had seen on Pinterest.

I have a TON of things pinned on my “House…Please?!?!” board, most of which require us actually being IN the house to accomplish.  But this yarn wreath could hang on the door of our apartment until we were in the house.  And my hands needed the project.  So off to Michael’s we traipsed and I picked up a cardboard L.  I went with the largest one they had, which is retrospect is probably a little large to sit on the front door, but I’m a little large for life, so I’m ok with it.

I have been a bad blogger up to now, and have not taken a single “in progress” shot of any of my projects.  I promise once we get into the house, I’ll be better about it.  And there will be no shortage of projects.  But for now, you’ll just have to go with the words, and the after pic posted above.

This letter took quite a bit more time to finish than I thought it would.  There was quite a bit of wrapping and unwrapping to figure out the best way to get all of the surface area covered.  Dave and I picked a neutral color for the letter, but in retrospect I would have picked this and a colored yarn and made the letter stripped with yarn.  Oh well, you know the cliché – “hindsight is 20/20.”

Once I had finished wrapping the letter with yarn, burning my hands a few times with the hot glue I used to secure the yarn in place, and making the L look like I wanted, I decided it was too plain for my liking.  So what’s a girl to do?  Well, she buys ribbon of course and makes flowers!

I had no clue what kind of flowers I’d be able to create, or even how to do it.  But a google search later and I had a few different types I thought I and my ribbon size could handle.  I went with three different flowers to add a little dimension, but with them all being the same color, they still play nicely together.  I then used some of the same ribbon I used for the flowers to create a little hanging loop for the top of the letter.  At first I thought it would drive me and my type A tendencies crazy that the letter didn’t lay straight, but now, I kinda love the charming lean of the L.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to recently.  What about you?  Up to any Pintererst to reality projects?  How about crafting in general?  Looking forward to a crazy week/weekend that you know will wear you out but be so wonderful it’s worth it like me?


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