We’re Home Owners!!!

Please bear with me for a minute while I catch my breath.  I’m still in shock that we’ve done it.  The adventure that we started just 5 months ago has ended, and we have a wonderful new house to show for it.


Ok, I’m better now, let’s get down to business!

We’re excited to start signing the paperwork!

There were times in this process where 5 months literally felt like 5 years.  And there were other times where it felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day.

After some back and forth emails with our mortgage lenders asking for this or that and with deadlines that felt almost unattainable to ensure that we stayed on track for our closing we were crossing our fingers and hoping that we had done enough.  Thank goodness with the help of some incredibly dedicated people, we finally got there.

There were TONS of papers to sign, as anyone who has closed or refinanced a house will tell you.  I knew it would be a lot, but it seemed to just keep piling up.

This is only half of the pile….oy vey!

And on May 29 we were able to sign our closing documents and became the proud owners of our little New England Cape here in MA.  I don’t think the husband could have asked for a better present for his May 28th birthday.  I mean….I know the Fossil watch I gave him is probably a close second – but, you know. 😉  As my aunt Sheila said to Dave:  “You got a really big gift this year! May you have many years of happiness mowing and sawing and hammering and painting and cleaning and cooking and mowing and sawing and hammering and painting and cleaning and cooking and mowing and well you get the idea!”  We’re ready for it Aunt Sheila, we’re ready!!

We Lemieux’s are SO excited!  We’ve already started the renovations we have planned, so stay tuned of all the projects we have up our sleeves!  (and of course, these will FINALLY include the interior pictures!)


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