Wanna Tour?

So what does it look like?

Upon our acquisition of the keys to our new house Dave and I had many items that needed to hit the “to-do list” cut floor.  We were ready to start making this new house, our home.  As many homeowners will tell you, this can be accomplished through large or small changes.  Elements that “make it yours.”

Before I go any further, I should take you on a virtual tour of the home.  As I’ve only shared the external pictures with you to date.

Welcome to our home.

When you first walk into the front door you have the living room on your left:

And the dining room on your right:

We’ve had questions as to why we decided to make the living room the smaller of the two rooms.  One answer could be, we like a cozy room where we can snuggle on the couch and not feel like we’re open to the world.  Another could be that we have looked into and decided to purchase a rather large dining room set that will need the bigger room.

To tie into the larger table, we are also expanding the space a little.  See that far wall with the long mirror on it?  We’re knocking that sucker right out.  Well, kinda.  Because that is a load bearing wall of the house, and we are trying to do our projects in the most fiscally responsible way we know how, we’ve decided to just open it up a bit, and take as much out as we can.

Behind the wall with a mirror is the kitchen.

This is the spot of our biggest “make it yours” project, and the are we are choosing to use our 203K loan money on.  A complete kitchen overhaul.  I can hear it now, some of you are reading this saying “but WHY??  Those cabinets are gorgeous.”  Others are saying “hmm, what exactly are you going to do?”  And others yet are saying “Please Brittney, don’t leave us in suspense.  Tell us NOW!”  ok….maybe I’m only hearing that other statement in my head, but I’m gonna act like that’s what you all said and lay it out for you now.

Cherry wood = beautiful, but not for us.  We liked the cabinets.  And honestly, had the kitchen had a better layout, we probably would have stuck with them.  But I would have painted them (GASP – PAINT THE WOOD?! Yes, yes I would have painted that wood) white.  I L-O-V-E me some white cabinets.  It took me a little bit to get the mister on board, but the more he saw them, the more he liked them.  And I didn’t even have to completely talk him into it.

Anyways, enough about the kitchen – there will be plenty more of that to come.  As you make your way out of the kitchen and down the hall, you will find the one and only bathroom in the house as it stands currently.

The couple who owned the house before us were elderly, so the bathroom is equipped with a handy dandy handicap shower.  Seat and all.  The bathroom is in definite need of an update, but it will have to wait until our finances allow – or we’ve both experienced enough bruises from the protruding vanity to throw our hands and the air and yell “THAT’S ENOUGH!”  Either way, some day this bathroom will get an overhaul.  One of the best aspects of this bathroom is the gianormous closet.  It allows for there to not be too much of a need for an oversized vanity with lots of counter space, and to hopefully someday allow for the laundry shoot I’m drooling over in my imagination currently.

This is just one side of the closet. The other side houses the chimney for the furnace and is just as big.

When you exit the bathroom and go to the right, you will find the Master bedroom.

I cannot wait to throw the purple paint we’ve picked out for this room onto the walls and white onto all that wood trim.  That along with a closet overhaul should really help to make this bedroom go from drab to shab.  If you watch HGTV you should know that reference.  I really think the paint, the closet, and getting our own furniture and curtains up will really help to make this room feel like home.

Now, lets make our way up the stairs.  Don’t let that dark caverness feel scare you, soon enough that paneling will be a light airy gray and you won’t feel like you’re climbing into the unknown.

At the top of the stairs there are a couple of large-ish closets waiting for you in the hallway, that will be the same light gray as the stairway and have pops of all white trim.

At the top of the stairs

2nd closet in the small hallway

If after walking up the stairs if you took a left you would find yourself in the craft room/office space.

We absolutely cannot wait to see my sewing machine and Dave’s desk hanging out together in their own room.

And across the hall you will find the guest bedroom.

We’ve decided to go with a very neutral “coffee with extra cream” color knows as Richmond Bisque by Benjamin Moore.  We’re hoping it will be neutral enough to go with whatever bedspread we decide to throw on the bed at any point-in-time.

And that completes our virtual tour of our new house.  We’re still trying to figure out a couple of things, like where the liter box for the cats will live, and how big of a dog we can really fit into this new home of ours (as you know from this post I’d really love a GIANT dog).  But for the most part, we’re more than ready to start the demo and really get to making this house a home.

Any of you out there in the middle of making your house a home?  What do you think that really entails anyway?  Is it about getting your own style in there or creating a space you feel like you could show off in a magazine?  For me, I’d say it’s a little bit of both.


4 thoughts on “Wanna Tour?

  1. Love it! I know you will really turn your house into a home. I am still not happy with the placement of my bed in our MB. However, that is going to change tomorrow…its being moved! Love y’all and glad things are in motion for you and Dave.

    • Thanks cuz!! We’re so excited! I think that a home is always a work in progress. Hope you like the new location of your bed when it’s all said and done. 🙂 Love you!

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