Sweet Taste of Defeat

**WOW, I’m so humbled and thankful that so many people took the time to read my blog post yesterday. That was just the beginning, so if you found it interesting and want to hear more about my journey – or chime in with thoughts on your own – I would love for you to follow my blog or post a comment. Again, thank you so much for your interest and support!**

For the months of October and November I had found an exercise I truly enjoyed. I was getting to know instructors, and I was finding it easier and easier to do the routines. I was even on a “smile-greet” basis with some of the regulars – you know, the “I’m to shy to say actual words, but I recognize you so I’ll smile” hello. Sure, I had to modify frequently – heck, I still do! – but I was getting better, stronger, and falling more in love with this form of exercise than I could have ever imagined. And then…I had to go on vacation. Okay, I shouldn’t say had, I should say I GOT to go. It was December, and Dave and I had planned to visit my family in Tennessee for the holiday. We had a week and a half scheduled away, and I was more than ready for a break with life. We had worked it all out, Duke was to be boarded at his favorite place, doggie daycare, and my marvelous in-laws were to check in on their fur-grandbabies (the cats) while we were gone. But I found myself realizing that I was disappointed. Disappointed that I was going to have to go without my new routine of 3 workouts a week at the studio. Fearful that I would fall off the wagon and never again find this magical momentum that had made its way into my brain. But for my Papaw’s 80th birthday, and the first Christmas with my mom’s side of the family in I can’t remember how long – it was worth the sacrifice.

Now is a good time for a side note – I love my friends and family here in New England, but I MISSSSSS my southern roots. There is something about a sweet tea delivered by an exceptionally friendly person with a dainty southern accent that just puts me right at home. Growing up in Nashville I was spoiled by the communities of likeminded individuals, and easy access to live music. I miss it. So. Much.

Anywho, back to my wellness journey. While we were in TN for our trip, I received an email – MBB would be hosting a contest for their next Journey to Wellness session, to start in January. This contest required an email submission of why you deserved to win a FREE spot. That was an over $400 value, and I’m all about anything free. I am, after all, that girl at any hockey game/football game/basketball game throwing my arms up in the air for that free t-shirt that probably will only fit my littlest nephew as a night shirt, and I would never wear in public. But hey, it’s free. You better believe I spent the next five days mentally drafting a winning letter. I thought of all the reason’s I deserved this prize. How it would help Dave and I for me to not have to pay for it, how it would help get me back on track after my month away from the gym. How I had such a compelling story that they couldn’t deny it! So the first night we were home, and I had regular access to email again, I typed up my petition and hit send. And then, you know what, I didn’t win. Wah, wah.

Now…I want to make sure you read my next words, seriously don’t skim over these, LOSING that freebie is probably the BEST thing that could have happened to me. For one, it allowed for 2 beautiful women to have the ability to participate in a challenge they may have otherwise not been able to afford, and two, it forced me to make the most of every minute I had. Afterall, if I’m gonna pay $400 for something, I’m gonna squeeze out every penny I can!! Without knowing it, the ladies at Mind Body Barre in their selection had just given me the momentum I needed to get back and create not just a routine, but a habit! When I received the alert that I had in-fact not been chosen to hold one of the free spots in the challenge, Dave and I had a decision to make. Y’all, this is where my husband shines! He truly truly wants what’s best for me. There was no hesitation, only “we’ll make it work.” He has been so supportive through this process. And he truly wants for us to be healthy together. And that to me shows long term commitment more than anything else. He wants us to be around together for a long time. Swoon.

So with the decision made, I logged onto MBB’s website and paid my dues – then anxiously awaited further instruction. I was eventually added to an exclusive FB group created specifically for those who were part of the 8 week Journey to Wellness Challenge and informed of a kick-off retreat for all challenge members. And that is where my journey officially begins.


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