Who We Are

If I’m going to have a blog called Lemieux Love, I suppose I should tell you who exactly the Lemieuxs are.

First, there’s Me – Brittney.

Yup…that’s me.

I’m the author of this here site, and am so glad you’ve decided to check out my humble ramblings.  I hail from the south, Tennessee to be exact, but have rooted myself into the ways of New England.  I strive to bring a smile to people’s faces daily.  I tend to be moody, but try to keep that mood on the positive side of things.  I’m really hoping this blog will help to keep me on the positive track, and accountable for all the projects I’d like to do for our “some day” house.

Next, there is the true brain’s to this here partnership, my absolutely better half – Dave.  He’s lived in MA all his life, and brings a smile to my face daily.

And this, is Dave!

I must say, I didn’t realize till just now, how absolutely perfect we are for each other – I mean, I picked these two pictures without realizing we are pretty much making the same facial expression!!

Anwho, together with our two cats Sweety and Sassy and Duke our pup we are attempting to figure out this thing the world calls marriage.

Sisters, through and through!


Aren’t I handsome?

So, walk along with us, and enjoy our adventure!




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